Muscular development

Muscular development helps clients achieve their physical and vocational potential through individual programs of fitness training and physical and aquatic therapy.

A physical fitness training program is tailored for each client. During the course of their program, clients may take advantage of any or all of the following:

Services provided

development room

This area maximizes physical abilities through exercise. Using specially designed resistive exercise equipment, such as weights and exercise cycles, clients build strength and stamina.

Physical therapy

A registered physical therapist develops, implements and supervises a therapy program for each individual. The program includes a therapeutic exercise plan designed to decrease pain and increase function.

Aquatic therapy

The buoyancy of water benefits clients who have difficulty exercising in traditional ways. Aquatic therapy increases strength, endurance, balance and coordination.

* available only at the West Columbia evaluation center.

When you come to muscular development thinking you can’t, the staff will let you know that you can.
— Spencer Harris, former muscular development client

Clients participating in the muscular development  find a relaxed atmosphere where they can work at their own pace to build strength, mobility and confidence. The staff is available to offer guidance and encouragement. Clients receive individual assistance as necessary.

Keeping the body fit helps clients achieve the stamina required to compete for employment
and maintain their endurance after they are hired.

As with any physical fitness program, motivation and dedication are essential. Clients are encouraged to set goals and pace themselves in a sustainable, yet challenging, program of
physical fitness. The goal is to make physical fitness and good health a daily routine, so
clients improve strength and endurance and achieve as much independence as possible.

Vocational rehabilitation counselors may refer clients from the community to participate in muscular development, physical therapy and aquatic therapy*. Occupational therapy also is available upon request.