Through hard work and timely delivery of individualized services,

VR prepares and assists eligible South Carolinians with disabilities to achieve and maintain competitive employment. Our Quality One (Q1) initiative focuses on meeting the specific needs of our consumers and business partners.  Our goal is to ensure that “quality happens one person at a time.”

Through counseling, career guidance and vocational assessment, we help consumers identify their abilities and develop skills so that they are empowered to choose a career to be successful and independent. This includes strengthening our partnerships in schools and dedicating additional resources and support to students and young adults with disabilities who need pre-employment services to become career ready. 

Employment enhances the quality of life for our consumers and their families as they earn paychecks and increase their self-sufficiency, thereby decreasing the need for government assistance. This also stimulates the state’s economy through taxes and purchases, ultimately contributing to the state’s return on investment in VR services. 

We are fortunate in South Carolina to have a business environment that continues to grow and generate new job opportunities, creating a demand for an expanded talent pipeline. VR adds value by equipping consumers to become qualified, job ready candidates to build a stronger and more diverse workforce. Through our job retention services we also help employers retain their most valuable asset, their employees, by assisting those who are experiencing physical or emotional concerns jeopardizing their employment (including alcohol and other substance abuse). There is no cost for this service, which allows our business partners to maintain the leverage needed to stay competitive.

In collaboration with community partners and agencies, technical colleges and universities, and non-profit organizations, VR offers a customized approach to employing people with disabilities. Please join us in our mission to help South Carolinians attain independence and success through employment.

Let's go to work!

Our mission

To prepare and assist eligible South Carolinians with disabilities to achieve and maintain competitive employment.

Our vision

We will be the leader in quality employment outcomes for our consumers and business partners through our people, partnerships, and performance.

We value

  • Persons with disabilities who strive to achieve competitive employment
  • consumer-focused culture
  • Quality service provision
  • Highly qualified and committed employees
  • Mutually beneficial partnerships with business and industry
  • Professional, coordinated, results-driven relationships with other government agencies and organizations
  • An environment of continuous improvement and learning
  • Accountability to tax-payers


The South Carolina State Agency of Vocational Rehabilitation board sets policy under which the Vocational Rehabilitation Department. operates The members, appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate, serve seven-year terms.

Dr. Roxzanne Breland

Dr. Roxzanne B. Breland, D.C.

4th District

Board Chair

Rhonda J. Presha

Rhonda J. Presha

2nd District

Board Vice Chair

Timothy W. Evatt

Rev. Timothy W. Evatt, Esq.

3rd District

Joseph A. Thomas

Joseph Thomas

7th District

Ira L. Banks

Ira L. Banks

North Charleston
1st District


Lori Bell Beard

6th District


Felicia W. Johnson

VR Commissioner

Board Secretary