For more than 90 years, VR has been bringing South Carolinians with disabilities and employers together

Felicia W. Johnson

As we expand the agency’s focus on innovation and positive change, our core mission remains the same, helping individuals with barriers achieve employment success and helping businesses find and keep talented employees.

Through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act we are able to combine our strengths with those of our workforce partners. These partnerships help us to ensure that individuals encountering barriers to employment receive coordinated and complementary services. These services help them acquire the skills, training and credentials they need to meet the workforce requirements of employers throughout our state. In turn, employers gain access to qualified, dedicated candidates for employment in areas such as construction, manufacturing, transportation, information technology, health care, hospitality and the service industry.

VR strives for exceptional results, while meeting the individual needs of consumers and their families through world-class services. Through demand driven, customized training with businesses, and partnerships with technical colleges, we help our consumers gain employable skills and industry-recognized credentials. Our consumers benefit by having better career opportunities, better wages, better job stability, and increased self-worth.

As we look to the opportunities and challenges of the future, we remain dedicated to assisting individuals with disabilities in achieving and maintaining success. We will continue to assist businesses by providing a strong and talented workforce. Together we will make the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department one of the best VR programs in the Nation!


Our mission

To prepare and assist eligible South Carolinians with disabilities to achieve and maintain competitive employment.

Our vision

We will be the leader in quality employment outcomes for our consumers and business partners through our people, partnerships, and performance.

We value

  • Persons with disabilities who strive to achieve competitive employment

  • A consumer-focused culture

  • Quality service provision

  • Highly qualified and committed employees

  • Mutually beneficial partnerships with business and industry

  • Professional, coordinated, results-driven relationships with other government agencies and organizations

  • An environment of continuous improvement and learning

  • Accountability to tax-payers


The South Carolina State Agency of Vocational Rehabilitation board sets policy under which the Vocational Rehabilitation Department operates. The members, appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate, serve seven-year terms.

Dr. Roxzanne Breland

Dr. Roxzanne Breland

4th District

Board Chair

Rhonda J. Presha

Rhonda J. Presha

2nd District

Board Vice Chair

Timothy W. Evatt

Timothy W. Evatt

3rd District

Joseph A. Thomas

Joseph A. Thomas

7th District

Ira L. Banks

Ira L. Banks

North Charleston
1st District

Lori Bell Beard

Lori Bell Beard

6th District

Felicia W. Johnson

Felicia W. Johnson

VR Commissioner

Board Secretary