Businesses find, train and retain talent while diversifying their workforce with VR


A range of assessments are offered to evaluate individual needs and strengths of VR consumers. This also helps provide businesses with well-matched candidates to meet their workforce needs.

VR work training centers offer job preparedness classes and hands-on job readiness training that provide consumers fundamental skills needed for the more advanced training or the workplace.

Work-based training allows consumers to learn job-specific duties. Job tryouts, internships and on the job training provide businesses an opportunity to assess skills while reducing training costs. VR even provides Worker’s Compensation coverage for the consumer.

Following a worksite assessment, rehabilitation technology engineers recommend assistive devices and other technological adaptations which allow consumers to overcome barriers and work at their maximum potential.

If needed, supported employment can also be provided to assist with training consumers to meet a business’s expectations.


After a VR consumer is hired, we provide follow up services for 90-120 days, to make sure the consumer and business are successful.

Through our job retention services we can also help employers retain their current employees, by assisting those who are experiencing physical or emotional concerns jeopardizing their work performance.

This includes residential four-week treatment to help employees who may be impacted by the effects of alcohol or other substance abuse.

VR’s Business Partnerships allow businesses to participate in the strategic planning and economic development of their area, shaping the workforce of tomorrow today.

Tax credits and other financial incentives are available to help with training, orientation and accommodation.

Some of our business partners include:

North American Rescue

North American Rescue (NAR) is a strong advocate of the quality of craftsmanship and dedication demonstrated by people with disabilities given the chance to prove themselves in the workplace.

When our partnership with NAR began, weprovided 5,000 square feet of space and a workforce to kit, assemble, package and distribute their line of combat lifesaving equipment.

“Because we didn’t have to invest significant funds in infrastructure, we were able to put our money into research and development,” says Jim Carino, Vice President of Operations at NAR.

As the company quickly grew, the flexibility to maneuver workers and resources allowed NAR to meet rapidly increasing production schedules, product demand and warehousing needs. They can change and adjust what they do every day to meet their needs, something industry generally can’t do.

“I don’t believe North American Rescue couldhave grown anywhere close to the pace we have without VR,” affirms Carino. “The partnership works so well because of their ability to match services to needs, attention to detail, customer service excellence, and clear communication.”

And, he adds, “It’s cost effective for us and an effective use of tax dollars.”

NAR purchased and up-fitted a 100,000 square foot facility in Greer, featuring 25,000 square feet of climate controlled space plus warehousing that can be expanded for contingency storage and kitting.

VR leases a portion of this facility as a training center, where we continue kitting and assembling the variety of combat medical supplies produced by NAR and used by the military, tactical law enforcement professionals,fire fighters and emergency health care responders around the world.

Up to 45 VR consumers a day assemble litters, create subassemblies for products, and pack backpacks and smaller kits that can be attached to the belt or leg. Our consumers and staff meet demanding standards and quality control, knowing the work they do helps save lives.

Carino states that having workers with disabilities completing their products in a typical work environment has increased quality due to unparalleled accountability and pride in workmanship. NAR has been so pleased with our consumers that they have hired several as fulltime employees.

“This is the culmination of our mission to return local residents to competitive employment,” says David Turnipseed, VR Area Supervisor for Greenville County. “North American Rescue provides our consumers with invaluable training opportunities in high quality production positions that prepare them for re-entry into the modern workplace.”

It’s a total win-win-win for NAR, our consumers and the community.