Business leaders save time and money while expanding their customer base

As a workforce development partner, VR can help your business achieve its competitive advantage by developing qualified job candidates who are trained in a wide variety of skills and have the good work habits that you value.

Employers from every job sector, including federal contractors, indicate that hiring VR clients helps them reduce training costs and increase job retention rates, while improving workforce diversity.

Through individualized assessment, we get to know our clients so that we can assist you to find the right person for the right job.

Find talent

VR provides a pipeline of talented individuals to meet your workforce needs.

Our Business Development Specialists (BDS) introduce you to the benefits of hiring these individuals.

Job matching starts when you notify us of an open position. We assess your requirements and identify matches using individualized career assessment tools such as WorkKeys®.

Finally, we pre-screen qualified candidates, saving you time and money.

Train talent

Through job preparedness instruction in our training centers, our clients learn the fundamental skills needed to work for you.

Job readiness training helps you assess a person’s potential with no obligation.

Our clients participate in a structured training period where they become fully competent in all aspects of the job, including knowledge, skills and company culture.

After hire, we continue to provide assistance to both you and the client for at least 90 days.

Keep talent

Post employment services, which may include assistive and additional education, are available to former clients you hire who may require services to maintain, regain or advance in employment.

Job Retention Services help you retain valuable employees who need help due to a disability that might be jeopardizing their employment.

Whether it’s anxiety, depression, substance abuse, physical impairments, or one of more than 130 other disabilities, our goal is to help a person minimize or eliminate the impairment interfering with their job performance.

For you, the benefits include better retention, less absenteeism and tardiness, an improved safety record, better quality and quantity of work, less disciplinary action and less turnover.

These confidential services help your employees through counseling and guidance, medical or psychological evaluation and/or treatment, training in personal and social skills, job-site modifications, or accommodations and referrals to other service providers.

Tax credits and other financial incentives are available to help with training, orientation and accommodation.

“Our confidence is extremely high with VR. Their clients appreciate opportunity. They give you 100-plus percent. They go the extra mile.”
— Ben Hoover, General Manager, Love Chevrolet

Training partnerships

Many skills are best learned in a work-based environment.

Our statewide network of training centers are a unique system for training VR clients while providing you with a flexible outsource alternative.

While meeting your business needs, our clients learn skills through tasks such as:

  • assembly
  • fabrication
  • inspection
  • building
  • packaging
  • recycling

many of which may lead to industry recognized certifications. 

We are committed to:

  • quality
  • cost-efficiency
  • flexibility
  • quick turnaround time

Together we prepare skilled employees for your workforce.

Business Partnership Network

Each of our Business Development Specialists leads a local network of business partners called the Business Partnership Network, a joint effort of public and private employers and VR.

Benefits of membership include:

  • being recognized as a leader in community workforce development
  • the opportunity to teach classes on fundamental life skills and job preparedness
  • providing input to shape in-demand training
  • networking with other businesses
  • sharing best practices