An initiative by Social Security and DDS

Electronic Records Express (ERE) offers electronic options for submitting health and school records related to disability claims.

When a provider receives a request for health or school records or other information about a person who has applied for Social Security disability benefits, they can choose the method of sending the information that works best for them:

  • Online to Social Security’s secure website; or
  • By fax to DDS or to Social Security

The records sent are automatically associated with the applicant’s unique disability claim folder.

There are many advantages to sending records through Electronic Records Express online or by fax:

  • You can send records at your convenience;
  • You’ll be submitting information directly to Social Security, helping to expedite decisions on disability claims;
  • You’ll save the costs of copying, paper, toner, and postage; and
  • You’ll eliminate the need for follow-up associated with the slower speed of traditional mail

Download the brochure or visit the SSA website for more information.