Broadcasting success in Seneca

Maricus Lewis’s success story begins in 2012 when he was referred to VR’s Seneca office for services by the School District of Oconee County. His dream was to become a radio broadcaster and producer.

After graduating from Seneca High School, Maricus  attended Tri-County Technical College to pursue a degree in radio communications. At Tri-County Technical College Maricus studied hard and joined the school radio station. However, he did not have transportation of his own and had to rely on friends, family, and public transportation to get to and from school.

Through high school and college, VR staff helped guide Maricus to success through counseling and guidance, guided instruction, job preparedness instruction, and participation in the training center.

When Maricus completed his degree last summer, his counselor, Jeremy Hobbs, along with business development specialist Dan Alexander, helped Maricus obtain an internship at Lake Keowee Broadcasting (Sunny 107.9). Maricus continued to walk, ride the bus, or rely on his family for transportation, but no matter what, he was always on time to work. This really impressed his supervisor.

During his internship, Maricus learned the ins and outs of the radio business, including how to make sales, produce programs, and create a live broadcast from remote locations. He also hosted live shows off-site and helped to develop a new website for the radio station.
After completing his internship, Maricus was hired at Lake Keowee Broadcasting. His supervisor speaks very highly of him, calling Maricus “an excellent worker.” Maricus has been employed there since August 2017.