Job coaching leads to internship and employment


Zavan Boyd, former client, is thrilled with his job at Family Health Center, and with the services and opportunities he has received from VR.

Zavan, who has ADHD, began working with VR when he was in high school and continued receiving counseling and guidance throughout his time at Benedict College. After graduating with an Accounting degree in May 2017, he attended job preparedness classes and learned a variety of skills at the Orangeburg office's training center.

John Bates, Job Coach, worked with Zavan to create a skills-focused resume, which helped Zavan get an internship with Family Health Center. Although planned for twelve weeks, Zavan completed the internship in eight weeks. The employer was very impressed with him and hired Zavan as a reimbursement specialist. He works in the financial department, where he assists with processing insurance claims. He is also helping teach this process to others.

“He is a very independent, polite, smart, and prompt young man,” says Kitty Bamberg, Business Development Specialist. “They are very happy with him at Family Health. Each time I talk with them, they ask, ‘Do you have another Zavan?’”