Students learn about teamwork with Swamp Rabbits

201904191201897102_Swamp Rabbits - Group Photo_CC.jpg

Fourteen students along with transition staff from VR's Greenville office recently attended an event hosted by the Swamp Rabbits, Greenville’s hockey team. The Swam Rabbits provided a morning of activities and hands-on learning experiences for all attendees.

Students observed the team as they interacted, practiced, and came together to encourage one another for the evening’s game. The students and staff then had the opportunity to walk onto the ice and attempt to hit a puck into the goal. Each individual was coached by Steve Donner, owner of the Swamp Rabbits. He demonstrated how to hold the stick and aim for the net. He was patient, encouraging, and cheered everyone on for their efforts.

Afterwards, Donner, the coaches, and one of the team players spoke to the students about the importance of team work. They emphasized good communication, getting along with others, being respectful and responsible, and displaying good character. They discussed how each member of the team has accountability for their job, taking initiative, being positive, doing a job to the best of their ability, and thinking team first, not individual first.

Throughout the event, the students asked many good questions. They enjoyed the opportunity to gain firsthand insights about teamwork.