Summer filled with opportunity for students

How to start a small business, leadership skills, job interviewing, self confidence. These are some of the things more than 150 students from around the state learned at VR over the summer.

Many students participated in team building, career exploration and job preparedness classes. Several offices held Dress for Success events, hosting fashion shows and teaching students how to best present themselves at job interviews.

Touring colleges and universities provided students with information and resources they can utilize as they pursue post secondary education.

Employers spoke about what they look for in successful employees. Visits to businesses as diverse as MTU Detroit Diesel (which manufactures Rolls Royce engines) and The Local Buzz (a family owned, kid-friendly coffee cafe) introduced students to a variety of vocations and provided them with behind the scenes looks at careers such as an electromagnetic engineering, farming, veterinarian, and event planning and management.

View the slide show below to learn more about how students from around the state spent their summer.