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VR Overview

The VR Overview presentation gives a full picture of all the services provided by the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department.

This includes the services that help VR assess and prepare consumers for employment, and the services that help VR evaluate and meet the needs of businesses and industry.

(updated 4/17/19).

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Topical Presentations

The following presentations contain the content from the VR Overview presentation, along with extra slides with details about certain topics of interest.

Job Retention Services

Details on the resource available to employers to help employees stay productive and on-the-job.

(updated 3/19/19).

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Rehabilitation Technology

Details on technology that can help people overcome barriers at home and at work.

(updated 3/19/19).

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Substance Abuse Recovery

Details on the services provided to help individuals with alcohol or other substance abuse regain their lives through employment.

(updated 8/26/19).

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Youth Services

Details on the services to reduce the dropout rate and improve participation in employment of youth with disabilities.

(updated 3/14/19).

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Training Presentations

Disability Awareness

Everyone can be affected directly or indirectly by a disability at some point in his or her lifetime. And like everyone, people with disabilities are not only committed employees, but also help build workplace diversity, create an inclusive community, and contribute to a strong economy through employment.This training has been designed to help expose groups large and small to the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

(updated 3/19/19).

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