Rehabilitation technology assists you in overcoming barriers to employment

Our rehabilitation engineers provide consultation, individual assessment, and design and fabrication to assist you in overcoming barriers at home and at work.

Once a case is opened, a technologist meets with the client to do a full assessment of their individual needs.

A job-site evaluation identifies any problems that relate to worksite accessibility or your ability to perform specific tasks.

Recommendations are provided for appropriate technology that will raise your productivity and quality of life, a benefit to you and your employer.

The addition of a mobility device, such as a wheelchair or scooter, can improve both comfort and productivity on the job.

Since I started using the desk and arm rest, my endurance has increased. My typing speed and accuracy have improved due to the reduced pain and numbness.
— Graciela Rivera, former rehabilitation technology client

To reduce transportation related barriers, rehabilitation engineers may recommend vehicle evaluations, training and modifications that will help you get to work and provide you with a new level of independence.

If you have a significant sensory impairment, such as difficulty hearing on the phone, assistive devices may be recommended that will increase your potential for employment.

Using information technology is crucial to job preparedness and job search.

Adaptive devices and alternative methods of input can increase your productivity and marketability.

A home evaluation may also be provided to identify barriers to employment  or independence, such as a lack of grab-bars in restrooms, narrow doorways, or access to entrance and exit doors.