Substance abuse is a life-limiting and often life-destroying disability

If you are unable to get or keep a job because of substance abuse and are ready to overcome your addictions, regain stability in your life, and realize your potential, we can help.

The caring professionals in our four-week residential program guide you through the emotional and physical aspects of confronting an addiction and replacing it with a rewarding lifestyle.

Expedited admission is available for job retention service referrals.

Overcoming addictions

Learn to recognize the negative factors that contribute to addictive behavior and the positive attitude and skills to successfully overcome them.

An addictions counselor provides support and guidance at every step from intake to employment.

Group therapy is a safe environment where you can express your feelings, learn from the experiences of others and begin to pave the way toward your recovery. Learn to respect yourself and build healthy relationships with others.

A community atmosphere provides a natural support system. You are treated with respect and are expected to take responsibility for your own behavior as you explore attitudes that lead to addiction and how it affects your body physically and mentally.

This is a structured environment, filled with activities and games for learning, letting off steam and remembering how much fun it is to play.

Guest speakers provide encouragement by sharing their experiences on how they confronted addiction and now lead successful lives.

Family members who want to provide you with support can take advantage of visitation and family therapy or other sessions.

Trained and licensed nurses provide basic medical care for residential consumers. Medical needs are closely monitored, including the administration of essential medications.

In addition, nutritious meals provide the energy needed to participate in all aspects of the residential program.

Preparing for work

Successfully accomplishing tasks is an important stepping stone to recovery, so employment is an integral part of the program.

A specialist works with you to identify strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, and interests that will lead to a successful employment outcome.

Job preparedness instruction focuses on specific challenges such as stress management, building self-esteem, conflict resolution and dealing with anger constructively.

You will continue to receive support from your VR counselor and will be encouraged to participate in community support groups as you return to work and a substance-free lifestyle.

This program is voluntary and you must be substance-free for at least three days before admission.

One step at a time to success

Seven years ago, Leanne Taylor was a methamphetamine user. She was arrested and charged for distribution and given a 10 year sentence, suspended to 90 days house arrest and two years of probation.

Not only was she in jail, but she had also recently lost her job and custody of her two oldest daughters. Leanne had hit her bottom.

Then she found help at VR through the residential substance abuse recovery program.

“I didn’t know how to function anymore. I was miserable.” she says.

“The most important thing I got was a plan.” During her 28 days in the program, Leanne worked closely with the staff to build the foundation for her recovery. One day at a time—one step at a time—she got better.

After completing the program she received services at the Laurens VR office that would help her return to work. Part of that assistance included on the job training at the office of her former employer, optometrist Dr. Gil Thomas.

At the end of the training period, Dr. Thomas offered Leanne a full time position. “Since then, I’ve worked my way up to office manager. It’s absolutely wonderful!”

Leanne now spends time with her daughters. “I got to spend Christmas morning with my oldest daughter,” she says, grinning from ear to ear. “That’s the first time in six years.”