Substance abuse treatment

Substance abuse is a life-limiting and often life-destroying disability, but VR’s residential substance abuse treatment helps individuals regain their lives and achieve successful competitive employment.

There you will find caring professionals who can help you deal with the emotional, physical and medical aspects of confronting an addiction and replacing it with a sober, rewarding lifestyle.

Overcoming addictions

VR offers help for people who are unable to get or keep a job because of drugs or alcohol. It is available to those who are ready to overcome their addictions and realize their potential as productive citizens.

VR’s substance-abuse treatment provides a four-week residential program designed to help participants recognize the negative factors that contribute to addictive behavior and emphasize positive attitudes that can successfully overcome those factors.

What I learned in those 28
days will help me for the rest
of my life.
— Leanne Taylor, former VR client


Clients are referred to substance abuse treatment by VR counselors at any of our area offices around the state. Treatment is voluntary and participants must be substance-free for at least three days before admission.

What to expect

Trust is an essential component of the program at each of the centers. Clients are treated with respect and are expected to take responsibility for their own behavior while at the center.

Men and women, are housed separately in comfortable quarters.

A community atmosphere provides a natural support system and a framework for recovery. Clients elect their own leadership and community issues are resolved by the community.


Each client has an addictions counselor to provide support and guidance. Our nurses and food service specialists also are dedicated to helping clients overcome their addiction and find their way to sobriety.

A vocational assessment will help clients determine the kinds of jobs for which they are best suited.


Group therapy allows a safe environment where clients can express their feelings, learn from the experiences of others and begin to pave the way toward their own recovery. It also provides a background for clients to begin to respect themselves and build healthy relationships with others.

Clients keep a journal of their feelings and experiences as a record of their progress and there is plenty of quiet time for reflection and growth.


Educational classes explore attitudes that lead to addiction and how addictions affect the body physically and mentally. Ways to overcome addictions also are discussed.

Career exploration

A vocational assessment and career exploration specialist works with each client to identify strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests and informed choice that would lead to a successful employment outcome.

Individual sessions focus on specific problems, such as stress management, building self-esteem, conflict resolution and dealing with anger constructively.

Accomplishing tasks successfully while sober is an important stepping stone to recovery, so work is an integral part of the program. Clients assigned to various housekeeping and maintenance duties during their stay rediscover the satisfaction of a job well done.


Bodies long neglected in favor of addictive substances thrive on the healthy, nutritious meals. Each client must report to the dining hall three times a day.


Recreational facilities are available where clients can let off steam, relax and remember how much fun it is to play while sober.

Medical needs

Medical needs are closely monitored. Essential medications are allowed, but some mood-altering or potentially addictive substances are not.

Involving the family

Special programs are available for family members who want to learn how to support their loved one.

Follow-up support

Following the four-week stay, clients continue to receive the support of their VR counselor and are encouraged to participate in community support groups as they return to work and a substance-free lifestyle.

For those who have lost their jobs, VR provides services to assist in making a successful transition back to the workforce.