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VR offers a variety of skill-building and educational services to prepare you to take advantage of opportunities in your local area.


To help you make the best career decisions, we work with you to meet your unique needs.

Understanding the workforce needs of businesses throughout South Carolina guides our training services.

In partnership with the SC Department of Adult Education, we provide foundational workplace training such as writing, reading and math which are assessed through vocational testing.

Job preparedness instruction helps you develop the soft skills and other tools needed in today’s competitive workplace, including:

  • job searching

  • how to write a résumé

  • interviewing

  • proper workplace etiquette

  • the importance of being dependable and providing quality work

Based on your individual needs, job readiness training provides you with real world experience in a learning environment that builds stamina and helps you develop positive work behaviors.

Our Information technology training prepares qualified consumers with the entry level knowledge and skills needed to compete in today’s technology-driven job market.

Building relationships with local employers and understanding what they look for in qualified job candidates lets us develop demand driven training for diverse industries and customized training for specific jobs in industries such as:

  • manufacturing

  • hospitality

  • administration

Job tryouts, internships and on the job training help you learn the specific skills you need to perform jobs with prospective employers.

Through partnerships, opportunities for post-secondary training at technical colleges or universities can lead to exciting career options.

Jerome Stutts makes some of the biggest tires in the world

Jerome is a Manufacturing Professional Operator at the earthmover facility at Michelin North America in Lexington, SC, which produces tires for front end loaders.

He is also one of the first to complete the South Carolina Manufacturing Certification (SCMC) program at Midlands Technical College. Through hands-on training in safety, quality practices and measurement, and the manufacturing process in a simulated manufacturing environment, the SCMC program prepares students for jobs in the Midlands’ growing manufacturing industry.

The SCMC program is helping businesses throughout the state, including Boeing, Continental, Bridgestone Americas, ConAgra Foods, Ritedose Corporation, Element TV and BMW. Individuals completing the SCMC program are also great job candidates for businesses who hold federal contracts.

Last April, Midlands Technical College was looking for referrals to the SCMC program, which was just beginning in the Midlands. The college contacted Steve Marshall, VR Business Development Specialist (BDS). Marshall felt that the program was a great match for Jerome.

“Jerome had been a truck driver for over 20 years. He had to change careers due to limitations resulting from a rollover accident,” he recalls. “We were exploring career possibilities, which included manufacturing, and he had an interest in Michelin. VR helped prepare Jerome for the program and Jerome excelled during the class.”

Randy Crutfield, site hiring manager for Michelin, spoke to the class about opportunities at Michelin. He was immediately impressed with Jerome.

“Jerome is a great example of this manufacturing certification program at work,” says Crutfield.

“He came to us with a background in trucking, but there wasn’t necessarily anything in his background to indicate he would excel in an industrial environment. The program and training gave him the confidence to better represent himself in an interview, and he was selected to work at our Lexington site.”

“Employers are interested in this because you have someone with a silver WorkKeys or better, who has taken this class for 200 hours,” says Mann. “They know that individual has made a commitment to this. They know they’re getting a good employee.”

She adds that students in the program also receive training in Six Sigma Yellow Belt and utilize computer-based simulations. “They learn how to be proactive. Critical thinking skills are very important.”

“Not only did Jerome open the door for additional referrals from Voc Rehab,” says Marshall, “but he strengthened Midlands Tech’s relationship with Michelin.”

“What we do is individualized,” says Marshall. “We give our consumers a lot of valuable labor market and career guidance. We work with each consumer as a team to find the best career opportunity for them. That’s exactly what happened with Jerome.”

Find out more at www.sctechsystem.edu/scmc.