At VR we believe in job-driven, real world workforce development.

Adult education

Clients may take advantage of the adult education classes at our work training centers that are offered by the local school district, and supported by the SC Department of Education. These include essential work place skills (assessed through WorkKeys® testing), writing, reading and math (assessed through TABE® testing).

Job preparedness instruction

to help clients prepare for employment include:

  • how specific disabilities affect work ability.
  • how to fill out job applications, develop interview skills and develop an understanding of an employer’s expectations.
  • Job-seeking groups, advanced interview skills and other topics.

Job readiness training

Job readiness training helps develop positive work behaviors and the physical stamina needed for successful adjustment to a new job. This training involves working on outsource contracts at a VR work training center.

Information technology training

Our Information Technology Training instruction prepares qualified clients for jobs in
computer-related fields, including:

  • Programming & Business Intelligence
  • Network & Server Support
  • Computer Aided Drafting & Geographic Information Systems
  • Business Applications Plus

Demand driven training

This training emphasizes the skills and knowledge required for a particular job function
(such as a typing or data entry) or a trade (such as carpentry or welding) in the local community. These courses include topics such as:

  • Forklift operation
  • Custodial

Work based training

Internships,  apprenticeships and on the job training can be provided in partnership with a prospective employer. A “job ready” client works for an hourly rate of at least minimum wage while learning the skills of the job. If the training is successful, the client is expected to be employed in the same or a comparable position.

Post-secondary training

Assistance with post-secondary training leading to an associate or baccalaureate degree may be provided if it is in an area of study leading to an appropriate career field.