Weather Alerts/Office Closings Information

State government offices will follow the same schedule for closings and openings as the county government offices where they reside.  For example, a county‚Äôs decision to delay opening or to close county government offices will mean that the state government offices in that county will also delay opening or be closed.

There are several sources of information regarding closings and delayed openings of county/state offices.  These include:

  1. The SC Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) closings page.
  2. The South Carolina Educational Television and Radio Network. SCETV will broadcast a "crawl" showing the information and will announce it on SCETV radio statewide.
  3. Check local commercial news media outlets. They typically broadcast, post on their web sites, and/or disseminate through social media any deviations from normal operations for their county, including state agencies.

Please do not to call county emergency management offices for closing information because they are typically involved in response activities during weather emergencies and should not be interrupted.