VR helps youth with barriers to education or employment

build self-esteem, learn teamwork, gain communication and leadership skills, prepare for employment success, and achieve independence.

Pre-Employment Transition Services

are for students, ages 13-21, with a 504 or Individual Education Plan (IEP), and include the following individual or group activities:

  • Job exploration counseling

  • Work-based learning experiences

  • Counseling on post-secondary education

  • Workplace readiness training

  • Instruction in self-advocacy

Group Transition Services

are for youth with disabilities, ages 14-24, in or out of school, and may include:

  • Tours of colleges and technical schools

  • Employer or business site visits

  • Career fairs coordinated with employers

Individualized Transition Services

are for youth eligible for VR services who have an Individualized Plan for Employment, and may include:

  • Counseling and guidance

  • Post-secondary, continuing and adult education

  • Vocational and work-based training

  • Supported employment

Train your future employees

Work-based learning experiences, unpaid or paid for by VR, give businesses the opportunity to evaluate potential candidates, reduce training costs, and shape their future workforce. Students build confidence and learn essential skills in a job setting, and all involved determines if the job is an appropriate vocational choice.

A job coach may assist the individual to learn and better perform their work duties.

Rehabilitation technology is available to assist individuals in maximizing job performance. Rehabilitaiton engineers can provide assessments and offer low cost solutions to help people with employment activities and independent living.

Programs & Partnerships

Project SEARCH*

is a school-to-work partnership program with local school districts that places high school students with significant disabilities into a work environment. They learn transferable job skills and many of the employers hire them at the end.

Disability Mentoring Day (DMD)*

allows youth from around the state to interact with employers, learn about disability employment resources and discover career opportunities through hands-on career exploration and ongoing mentoring.

african american female graduate close up

Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG)*

is a partnership with a state-based national non-profit organization dedicated to preventing dropouts among young people who have serious barriers to graduation and/or employment.

Summer Activities*

include Summer Institutes hosted by local VR offices, Summer Camps hosted by VR’s Comprehensive Evaluation Centers, and other special activities that feature fun-filled career and post-secondary education exploration.

* May not be available at all VR locations.