Transitioning from school to work

What will VR do for me while I’m still in school?

If you’re eligible for VR services, you’ll have a counselor who will help you develop a plan to achieve successful employment. Your counselor—and the rest of your VR team—will:

  • Help you explore different career opportunities
  • Give you information about the work skills, abilities and training you need for a specific job
  • Help you find out about the types of jobs available in your community
  • Arrange for you to use the nearest Vocational Rehabilitation Training Center during the summer before your senior year to strengthen your ability to meet work requirements
  • Work with you and your parents to locate training programs to help you meet your employment goal

Who makes the decisions?

An assessment will indicate your strengths, abilities and interests and you decide what your employment goal will be.

Good planning is the key to success. Your counselor will work with you, your parents and others involved with your planning to help you make informed choices about the kinds of jobs and careers you want to consider.

What happens when I graduate? What if I go to college or a tech school?

After you leave high school, your VR team will continue to work with you to

  • Implement your employment plan and coordinate services if you need assistance to learn a job
  • Provide any help you need to look at career alternatives
  • Offer counseling and guidance as you work toward your employment goal
  • Arrange for special training you may need
  • Help you find a job
  • Follow up after you are working to make sure you and your employer are satisfied
  • Explore other services if necessary

Who pays for all of this?

There’s no cost for determining if and how SCVRD can help you.

Planning and job placement assistance can also be provided by your VRcounselor as no cost to you.

If we need to purchase things—such as tools or training—to help you accomplish your employment goal, family resources and level of need will be considered in determining any costs.

But what if I don’t want people to know I have a disability?

All information we have about you is kept confidential. Only you, your parents and your counselor need to know. We share your information only if you give permission.

What about my SSI or SSDI benefits?

Benefits Specialists are on hand to counsel recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) on work incentives and other benefits of working while educating them on the effects of earnings as they plan for employment.

How do I qualify?

You must have a physical or mental impairment that interferes with your ability to work.

You must also need and be able to benefit from VR services that will lead to competitive employment.

When should I apply?

The ideal time is before you begin your junior year. However, you may apply if you have already begun your junior or senior year.

See your high school guidance counselor or school nurse or call your nearest SC Vocational Rehabilitation Department Area Office for more information.